Robert E. Howard’s famous story featuring Bêlit hitting March 2020 from ABLAZE!

FEBRUARY 3, PORTLAND, OR –ABLAZE announced today that Robert E. Howard’s “Queen of the Black Coast” comic adaptation will be published in March 2020. Issue 1 is set for a March 4, 2020 release, with issue 2 coming March 25, 2020.

The Cimmerian: Queen of the Black Coast is the first in a series of graphic novel stories adapting some of the best adventures of the legendary Cimmerian. ABLAZE will be releasing these adaptations over the next several years, under license from Glenat with certain portions under license from Conan Properties International, LLC.

In Robert E. Howard’s Queen of the Black Coast, Conan is pursued for killing a judge, and finds refuge on a merchant ship, but soon after setting sail, the Cimmerian and his new companions face a threat: the legendary Bêlit, self-proclaimed Queen of the Black Coast! First published in 1934 in Weird Tales, this Conan classic is a marvelous entry point to the series.

The Cimmerian: Queen of the Black Coast Issue 1 features covers by:

  • Jason Metcalf (Cover A, Diamond code: STL132597) 
  • Mirka Andolfo (Cover B, Diamond code: STL132598)
  • Ed Benes (Cover C Action Comics parody, Diamond code: STL132599)
  • Pierre Alary (Cover D, Diamond code: STL132600)

The Cimmerian: Queen of the Black Coast issue 2 features covers by:

  • Sunghan Yune (Cover A, Diamond code: STL135271) 
  • ChrisCross (Cover B, Diamond code: STL135272) 
  • Ed Benes. (Cover C – Crisis on Infinite Earths parody, Diamond code: STL135273) 
  • InHyuk Lee (Cover D – Zombie Cimmerian, Diamond code: STL135274) 

There are also 1:10 retailer incentives for issues 1 and 2.

  • Existing retailer incentive Issue 1: For every 10 of A-D copies ordered in any combo, retailers may order a 1 Ed Benes Sketch Cover E at $3.99 less standard discount. (Diamond code: STL132601) 
  • Existing retailer incentive Issue 2: For every 10 of A-D copies ordered in any combo, retailers may order a 1 Cimmerian Zombie Foil Cover E at $3.99 less standard discount. (Diamond code: STL135270) 

ABLAZE is offering these 10 copy incentive covers, originally priced at $3.99, at NO COST for all qualifying orders, as a part of the order adjustment process, as a sign of appreciation to retailers for their support.

Retailers have a chance to adjust their orders for both issues and all covers. Look for details from Diamond on that in the near future.

ABLAZE VP Creative/Business Development Rich Young: “Given the success of ABLAZE’s first two titles, Vampire State Building and Mirka Andolfo’s Un/Sacred—the launches of which were each the top selling Non-Premier comics for Oct and Nov respectively—we anticipate The Cimmerian: Queen of the Black Coast will be equally successful or exceed them, as this is a book that has been hotly anticipated for some time.”

For updates, previews, and details on upcoming titles from ABLAZE, visit http://ablazepublishing.com/ and look for The Cimmerian: Queen of the Black Coast at your local comics shop this March!

Covers and interior pages can be downloaded here: http://ablazepublishing.com/ABLAZE_PR_02_03_2020.zip



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Robert Ervin Howard was born January 22, 1906 in Peaster, Texas. He began his career as a writer for Weird Tales magazine, a fantasy and horror magazine. His most iconic characters were first featured in its pages: Kull, Conan, Solomon Kane, and others. He died on June 11, 1936 at the age of thirty in Cross Plains, Texas.


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